Sabine Neubert

The best part of Sabine Neubert’s day is her interaction with the students. Helping them learn is her passion, especially guiding them to grasp new concepts and broaden their horizons. Born and raised in Germany, Sabine Neubert obtained her Master’s Degree in Education from Humboldt University, Germany, and taught English and Russian at a middle and secondary school in Burg, Germany. She completed an intensive linguistics course in Moscow, Russia, and worked for a year at a Comprehensive school in Wales, UK. She has explored the cultures of many countries in Europe, North Africa, Latin, and North America.

After extensive travel in Canada, she decided to relocate 22 years ago and has called Ottawa home ever since. Sabine Neubert has been at Joan of Arc Academy since 2002. The small group and individualized learning environment allow her optimally to share her experience and passion for learning with her students, so they can be inspired, grow and become open-minded and confident girls who will one day take up leading roles in our society. Sabine Neubert likes the outdoors. She loves camping, hiking, skiing, canoeing, and kayaking.