Joan of Arc Academy / Academie Jeanne d'Arc

Investment In Your Child’s Long-Term Growth And Success

Many parents agree a financial investment in their child’s education is greatly beneficial to their long-term growth and success. The private school education at Joan of Arc Academy involves unique educational experiences, dedicated teachers, and strong parental involvement in student growth.

A student who completes the full Joan of Arc Academy program moves on to high school with excellent French and English language skills, an advanced understanding of math and science, well-entrenched study habits and confidence in both her leadership skills and academic prowess.

At Joan of Arc Academy, students reach their full potential. In this all-girls environment, high academic achievement in both official languages is the norm. Language skills from a Joan of Arc Academy bilingual education remain with graduates for a lifetime.

Membership And Tuition Fees

Most parents make the decision to enrol their daughter at Joan of Arc Academy because they are able to provide a quality academic experience for their daughter at a cost of tuition that is within reach.

For 2019-20

  • First child: $15,750
  • Second child: $12,600
  • Third child: $11,810


A $500 non-refundable membership fee is payable for all students registered at Joan of Arc Academy.

100% of the Junior and Senior Kindergarten fees are tax-deductible.

Fees include school materials (except for personal belongings), textbooks, workbooks and most local field trips. The Joan of Arc Academy uniform or after-school service are separate costs.

In a year at Joan of Arc Academy, students are able to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities including Art, Piano Lessons, Musical Theatre, School Clubs and Inter-School events. All girls are invited to participate in any activity that interests them.

We also offer an excellent after-school program. The school is open after hours from 4:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., where students can do homework and receive help or take part in other extra-curricular activities such as dance, art and crafts, and musical theatre. Moreover, we offer a PD Day program which allows girls to spend the day at school enjoying similar extra-curricular activities.