Joan of Arc Academy / Academie Jeanne d'Arc

Teachers Enriching The Lives of the Girls

Teachers at Joan of Arc Academy are instrumental in helping the girls achieve their highest academic performance by creating learning environments that bring out the best in each student. Our teachers are qualified educators who are passionate about their careers, and have a positive impact upon the lives of young girls.

Our teachers are known for using a combination of learning methods to deliver the school curriculum. They enrich the academic experience through activities, outings, events and kinesthetic learning experiences. When girls are having fun, they want to learn even more!

Teachers encourage polite and respectful behaviour from the students, teaching them how to care for their peers and manage social issues. Learning to respect others, also encourages the girls to respect and care for themselves.

A student who completes the full Joan of Arc Academy program moves on to high school with exceptional French and English language skills, an in-depth understanding of math and science, well-established study habits and confidence in both her leadership skills and academic ability. The teachers at Joan of Arc help create a supportive environment for the girls to succeed academically, challenge themselves and develop life-long skills.