Joan of Arc Academy / Academie Jeanne d'Arc

Students of Joan of Arc Academy

The students themselves set Joan of Arc Academy apart. The girls are happy to come to school because they have great friends, excellent teacher relationships, and they have fun while learning.


Success Stories

The students work diligently to achieve high scores in all academic subjects – Math, Science, Social Sciences, English and French. Our C.A.T. results consistently place our students in the top 15% nationally; we have represented Ontario at the Canadian National Science Fair on a number of occasions, and last year were 1st in Canada in the nationwide' Mathematica Contest'. As a result, many secondary and post-secondary institutions have offered our girls substantial scholarships, and our graduates are generally accepted at the programs of their choice.

Every year, Joan of Arc Academy students compete in educational competitions across Ontario and Canada. They participate in and excel at the regional and national science fairs, math competitions (Mathematica, Euler, Gauss), public speaking, and the Kiwanis music festival. Their academic performance is highly recognized in the community and by other competing educational facilities.

Student Testimonials

"My first day at the Jeanne d'Arc Academy, I had very few friends, but after a few days believe it or not, everyone was my friend. I learned so much and had so much fun and all my friends were very kind to me."
Vittoria G., 4th year student

"It was my first day. I went through the door. I was so excited ... I meet Mrs. Michele, she was so kind. About an hour later, I laughed and played with everyone."
Caroline C., Grade 5 student