Joan of Arc Academy’s small class sizes allow the students to stay focused and develop deep connections to one another. The students work diligently to achieve high scores in all academic subjects. Thanks to the advanced bilingual curriculum, our graduates are customarily accepted into highly-sought-after programs such as The International Baccalaureate, specialist arts and advanced placement.

English and French

The Language Arts program strives to help students acquire enriched vocabulary, advanced language comprehension and accurate writing skills through instruction, combined with a wide range of activities in reading, writing, oral communication, and media literacy. Students develop their abilities in four categories of skills: knowledge and understanding, thinking, communication and application. Additionally, the importance of language is emphasized and integrated into other curricular areas. Recently Joan of Arc placed 1st in Canada in a national creative writing competition, with many of the students’ work being published.

Math and Science

One of the most significant benefits of Joan of Arc Academy is students’ advanced understanding of math and science. For consecutive years Joan of Arc Academy students have represented the Ottawa region at the Canada-Wide Science Fair and won significant prizes. Students may participate in the science club, math club, chess club, solar car races, the All Science Challenge and science outings. Our girls learn from a young age that they can aspire to any occupation they desire. Students pursue new challenges and develop confidence in their abilities. In the last 5 years, our small school has placed first in national math competitions with many of our girls performing in the top 10% nationally.


In addition to a highly creative visual arts program, the Joan of Arc Arts curriculum includes dance, musical theatre, drama, instrumental music, choir and intermediate band. Our choirs consistently earn awards at the Kiwanis Music Festival. Our band program fully prepares students for high school band and our students who apply for specialist arts programs at high school are invariably successful. Girls may also sign up for piano lessons or after-school violin lessons with Ottawa Suzuki Strings which take place at Joan of Arc. Through the arts program, children learn to express themselves freely in a variety of forms and to find their inner artist.


Joan of Arc athletic activities promote fitness, sportsmanship and teamwork. In addition to the physical education curriculum, Joan of Arc students can participate in extra-curricular sports such as competitive soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton and cross-country running. The importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle is reinforced in these daily activities. Joan of Arc participates in the Ottawa Private Schools sports leagues.


Joan of Arc students take part in a religious education program that teaches girls about world religions and respect for the very diverse society in which we live. The curriculum also covers personal, social and emotional development which includes role play, debates, discussions and class assemblies. We explore topics such as morality, ethics, relationships, friendship and bullying and our program includes assertiveness training and strategies for developing resilience. The success of the program is due, in part, to the school’s policy of welcoming and respecting girls from all religious traditions.


The Junior and Senior Kindergarten curriculum is taught entirely in French, with the exception of math in Senior Kindergarten. The children’s bilingualism progresses with amazing speed and their linguistic skills blossom. Qualified, professional, creative teachers work hard to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our youngest students as they learn to read, write and speak in French. Our students learn and grow in a personal and nurturing environment.

Note: Both of our programs also have the added bonus of being tax-deductible.

Grade 1-8

Joan of Arc Academy delivers an enriched bilingual curriculum based upon the requirements of the French and English Boards concurrently. All subjects are taught in French with the exception of English, math, science, as well as art and band in the intermediate years. All subjects are taught at a standard that is consistent with the highest levels of education. Grade 6, 7 and 8 students are taught by specialist teachers and the younger elementary grades have homeroom teachers with half a day French and the other half day in English.

Students who complete the full Joan of Arc Academy program go to high school with excellent French and English language skills, an advanced understanding of math and science, well-entrenched study habits and confidence in both leadership skills and academic prowess.