About the Academy

Joan of Arc Academy offers students a top-tier bilingual education. We are the only girls’ bilingual private school in Ottawa. An education at the Academy will help open doors to incredible future opportunities.

A Tradition
of Excellence

Our school began as La Maison Jeanne d’Arc, which the Congregation of the Sisters of Joan of Arc founded in 1954.

In 1991, parents formed the Joan of Arc Academic Society, to bring our school into a new era. The philosophy and focus of Joan of Arc Academy remained: empowerment of girls, through the highest quality bilingual education.

In 2002, the school moved into the present building, at 2221 Elmira Drive, in Ottawa’s West End. The location has allowed us to expand our program and increase student numbers. Our namesake, Joan of Arc, was a strong freedom fighter and an important role model for girls. Considered the heroine of France, she motivates us to conquer life’s obstacles. Just like Joan of Arc, we encourage our bilingual girls to pursue their ambitions with courage and resilience.

Joan of Arc Academy Strategic Plan 2023-2026