Joan of Arc Academy / Academie Jeanne d'Arc

Leadership Team

  • Head of School : Brian Lamb

Administrative Staff

  • Administrative Receptionist: Francine Després
  • Finance Manager: Rhonda Levis
  • Custodian: Serge Fauvelle

Teaching Staff

  • Junior and Senior Kindergarten : Rita Kouakou - Sholpan Belgibayeva
  • Grade 1: Melissa Wedge – Donna Jones
  • Grade 2: Donna Jones – Melissa Wedge
  • Grade 3 : Sabine Neubert – Arianne Cantin
  • Grade 4 : Arianne Cantin – Sabine Neubert
  • Grade 5: Erin Elliott – Melissa Wedge
  • Grade 6: Sophie Bellefeuille – Elaine Bartlett – Martha Withlock - Erin Elliott
  • Grade 7: Martha Withlock – Connie Springfield – Sophie Bellefeuille - Erin Elliott
  • Grade 8: Connie Springfield  – Martha Withlock – Sophie Bellefeuille - Erin Elliott

Teaching Specialists

  • Performing Arts: Nadia Pasqua
  • Physical Education: Nicole Lalonde
  • Student Guidance, Visual Arts  and Band : Connie Springfield
  • Librarian, Elaine Bartlett

After School Program

  • 16:15-18:00

Meet our Staff!

Francine Després, Administrative Receptionist

Mme Francine loves helping people and serving the students, parents, and teachers of the Joan of Arc community! She always makes sure to give the best service possible to every person that she encounters. Even after 14 years, it is still a joy for her to finish her day and go home knowing that she has given to others. When she eventually retires, her dream is to volunteer in a hospital serving patients as her mother did for decades. She loves to travel, take dance lessons, and go on dance cruises with her husband. She just discovered a new passion for horses. Also, she loves dogs. She had a special one, a bichon, named Misiek. She had the pleasure to cherish him for 14 years. 


Serge Fauvelle, Custodian

When asked about Joan of Arc, M. Serge says he loves everything about the school!  He especially takes great pride in the shiny floors at the school. In his spare time, he enjoys mixing music and has a particular fondness for music of the 70’s and 80’s, including disco!



Erin Elliott, English Grade 5, Science Grades 6, 7, 8

Mrs. Elliott loves teaching in the warm environment of Joan of Arc! She teaches through making personal connections with her students; exploring their interests; getting to really know their personalities; and sharing their stories: all the things that are possible with a small class in a close community setting. Mrs. Elliott loves baking and cooking, and in particular loves Italian food and chocolate!


Donna Jones, Teacher: English Grades 1 & 2

Mrs. Jones finds every day to be a new adventure!  She always tries to remain flexible and ready for new and exciting opportunities.  Having taught at Joan of Arc for over 15 years, she finds new challenges each year and that the girls keep her young at heart!  Mrs. Jones loves reading and is always searching for interesting books to add to her teaching library and her home library. She loves to read biographies, fiction, and even cookbooks.


Sabine Neubert, Teacher: English Grades 3 & 4

Ms. Neubert enjoys being a facilitator of learning, and delights in guiding her students to an understanding of the subjects she teaches.  The best part of her day is the interaction with her students!  Sabine is an outdoors person. She loves hiking, canoeing, skiing, and travel.  She also enjoys watching contemporary dance.


Arianne Cantin, Teacher: French Grades 3 & 4

A French teacher with a strength in the sciences, Mme Arianne looks forward to interacting with her students every day.  Using a variety of teaching methods adapted for each student's needs, Mme Arianne enjoys guiding young learners through a variety of learning challenges! Yoga and meditation play an important role in her classroom, and help create a calm learning atmosphere for all her students. Mme Arianne spends her spare time with her family: her husband, daughter, 2 dogs and 2 cats. She enjoys hiking, cooking, baking, reading and knitting.


Connie Springfield, English Grades 6, 7 & 8, Visual Art, Band

Regardless of whether it is in music, art, or creative writing, Mrs. Springfield loves lighting that spark of learning and enthusiasm in her students! She derives enormous personal satisfaction from being able to challenge her students to write at a very high level using a wide and varied vocabulary. She plays the cello and loves baroque and early music (pre-1600’s).  Ms. Springfield originally trained as a lawyer in the UK, but changed careers to teaching in order to facilitate being a mother to her two adopted children.


Nadia Pasqua, Teacher: Performing Arts specialist

Mme Pasqua is an enthusiastic, creative, artistic teacher who is always looking to engage her students.  She can be found singing, dancing and painting, both inside and out of class.  She has taught at many age levels, and very much enjoyed working with the youngest students at the academy over the last few years but is delighted to be able to share her passion for the arts this year. 


Nicole Lalonde, Teacher: Physical Education

Mme Lalonde loves promoting active involvement and enjoys seeing the progression from the primary grades in skills to the intermediate grades where all students have the opportunity to experience her dedicated coaching.  With a  specialist in physical education, Mme Lalonde’s desire is to help instill in the girls a desire and appreciation for physical activity and sports, while having fun through it all.  Mme Lalonde is very active and loves skiing and training to keep fit.  She also enjoys travel and gardening!


Elaine Bartlett, Teacher: English Grade 6

Mrs. Bartlett loves working with young children and making a difference in their lives.  Her greatest reward is seeing her students making progress.  The days pass quickly because of the interesting interaction with her students – every day, month, and year is different! Originally from Great Britain, Mrs. Bartlett has travelled to Finland, Norway, Austria, Greece, and Cuba. She enjoys watching ballet and loves listening to classical music – her favorite composers include Bach, Brahms, and Rachmaninoff!


Mary Fatima Safarzadeh, After School

Mme Fatima loves all the girls at Joan of Arc!  She enjoys working with parents and teachers in a positive way that warms the community of Joan of Arc.  Mme Fatima is an avid reader, and has published two books of poetry written in English in her home, Persia!


Sophie Bellefeuille, Teacher: French Grades 6, 7, & 8

New to the world of teaching, Mme Bellefeuille joins the JOA family as a french teacher. She has always had a passion for children and her to desire to become a teacher at a very young age. Mme Bellefeuille wishes to share her knowledge and her love of the French language with her students. The success of her students is very important to her. She adores reading, sports, time spent with family and friends, camping and travelling.  

Sholpan Belgibayeva, Teacher: Junior and Senior Kindergarten

Mme Sholpan enjoys working with children and taking care of the girls. Originally from Kazakhstan, she speaks Kazakh, Russian, French, and English. She likes spending time reading, cooking, learning languages, and travelling.

Rita KouaKou, Teacher: Junior and Senior Kindergarten

Ms. Rita is a committed teacher passionate about her job. She drops her suitcase this year at the academy after years in Saskatchewan. She enjoys contact with children and teaching kindergarten is a passion for her. Mrs. Rita is an aspiring writer and an excellent storyteller. Her dream is to build an orphanage and give love to all the children who need it.


Melissa Wedge, Teacher: Grade 1, 2 & 5

Martha Withlock, Teacher: Math Grades 6, 7, & 8

Catherine Pham, Tutor