Véronique Labrosse

Ms. Labrosse has more than 10 years of logistical expertise in national and international events. Her experience has included managing large budgets, leading hundreds of volunteers and building strong relationships with local businesses and suppliers, all to provide the best possible experience for participants.

She is currently Specialist, Sport Events with the Canadian Olympic Committee managing multiple virtual preparation events for the Olympic Games. Ms. Labrosse leads accommodation logistics for Beijing 2022 and previously supported the COVID Liaison Office for Tokyo 2020. With French being her first language, she provides important French language support.

She was also selected to participate in the first cohort of the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Women’s Emerging Leadership Development Program.

Dancing since the age of 10, and teaching dance for the last 15 years, Ms. Labrosse is passionate about the importance of physical activity in support of mental and physical health.